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Our New Hand-Stamped Labels

We are a hands-on family business and everything that we produce comes through a rigorous panel of judges – us. By the time these few words appear on a blog or Instagram posting they will have been tweaked, edited and punctuated… quite possibly several times. 

The same process will take place for Cheese Boards, Candle Blocks, Spatula’s etc.

From the start to the finish of an item, the product made by us and now available to buy has had the input of the whole family; it has been been designed and then crafted within our own workshops. We don’t think of an idea then ship it off somewhere else for somebody else to mass produce, what we do we literally do in-house and we wanted to incorporate this into our labelling, hence our new range of handmade labels.          

Handmade Craft House – Handmade In-House