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Our New Hand-Stamped Labels

We are a hands-on family business and everything that we produce comes through a rigorous panel of judges – us. By the time these few words appear on a blog or Instagram posting they will have been tweaked, edited and punctuated… quite possibly several times. 

The same process will take place for Cheese Boards, Candle Blocks, Spatula’s etc.

From the start to the finish of an item, the product made by us and now available to buy has had the input of the whole family; it has been been designed and then crafted within our own workshops. We don’t think of an idea then ship it off somewhere else for somebody else to mass produce, what we do we literally do in-house and we wanted to incorporate this into our labelling, hence our new range of handmade labels.          

Handmade Craft House – Handmade In-House    

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Winter of Change

winter of change

This winter has been a time of stripping things back to the bones.

Just as we see in the landscape around us, the Winds of Winter strip the trees back to the structure or the framework that lies hidden beneath their leafy canopy. But out of this process comes a particular clarity of light that is only present during the winter months. Removal of the tree’s old leaves allows the light to reveal and highlight what had been hidden beneath all along.

We have been going through this process this winter. Stripping back, casting off and taking a close look at what is basically the bones of not only our work – our business – but that which we have within our hearts to do

One thing you will have noticed is that we have closed the doors on our high-street shop in Dumfries. We will not be trading in this way in the foreseeable future.

We are a creative family and most of what we do is carried out in our workshops at home.

Just as in the above picture (a family day out to Derwentwater) we stand silhouetted out against the light of the sun as it sets behind the fells around the lake. Things for us at this time – our way forward – are still in silhouette, but are becoming clearer with every step forward we take.

Winter has passed and is followed by spring – a time for new growth to burst forth and reveal itself. This winter has been hard but I am excited about all the new things we have planned for The Handmade Crafthouse this year. All of which will be revealed in the days ahead, through our website, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

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Trees, Trees & More Trees

Handmade tree decorations using locally grown hardwoods by the handmade craft house

“‘Tis the Season…”, although I do think these trees will make a wonderful addition to your home any time of the year!


We make all of our trees by hand from locally grown timber. Each tree is totally different and unique. When you stand them side by side it instantly brings movement to the display as if the wind was blowing through.

Use them for Christmas-dinner place settings, a table display or simply as a no-needle-drop miniature Christmas tree!

You can find the whole collection in our Dumfries Shop or buy online.

Prices start from £7.99 for the smaller single trees (11cm x 11cm x 2cm approx).

Medium single trees – £8.99 (16cm x 12cm x 2cm approx)

Larger single trees – £10.99 (20cm x 12cm x 2cm)

Copse with Stands vary in size and are made in a variety of woods. Prices start from £29.

Each Single Tree and Copse with Stand is marked with the type of wood used.

(Dimensions are Height x Width x Thickness)

Copse of trees, handmade by Mike Dixon at the Handmade Craft House

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Rippled Sycamore and Elm Bench

Handcrafted in our own Workshop, this 4ft bench has been created from Rippled Sycamore and Elm that was grown locally in the borderlands of Scotland.

The naturally occuring “rippling” within the grain of the Sycamore gives an almost 3D effect that causes the finish of the bench to look as if it has been quilted.

The bench has been protected by multiple coats of oil and then waxed. This bench can be used for a number of purposes; by the side of a dinning table, to stand at the foot of a double bed, or even as a much-needed coffee table.

This bench, along with others from our workshop, are available to see in our showroom at The Handmade Crafthouse in Dumfries.

An artistic take on our logo has been burned by hand into the underside of the bench


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Winter is drawing to a close. The long dark nights are becoming a thing of the past. As the sun rises up and announces the coming of new life, the seasons change and we move forward into springtime.

We are celebrating the coming of the new season with the launching of a series of Giclee prints taken from an original mixed media painting, Arise, by our very own Gail Dixon.

The painting itself depicts the sun rising up above a Hilltop bringing light, colour and life to the community that nestles beneath it.

The prints are available in a variety of sizes unmounted, mounted or framed. Mounted or framed prints come signed by Gail.

Framed prints will be framed by hand in our own workshop using our bespoke picture framing service using locally grown wood

You can find Arise, as well as prints of Gail’s other work, here.



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Wych Elm Journal

Making a Homemade Wych Elm Journal

A Journal in the Making

By Mike & Gail Dixon

Elmus Glaba also known as Scot's Elm or Wych Elm

Ulmus Glabra, or more fittingly, “The Scots Elm” is a tree that has been ravaged over the years by the Dutch Elm disease and it is hard to find timber of practical size and use. A while ago I came across three twisted, bent and in places cracked boards. Despite all the faults the beauty of the grain hidden beneath was crying out for a special purpose. So I bought the wood, thinking they may come in for door panels and they have sat in my wood yard since then.

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