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Bring Real Rustic Charm with this Traditional Farm Milking Stool

Handmade Farm Stool made with locally grown hardwood from the borderlands of Scotland by the Handmade Craft House

This lovely handmade farm stool radiates rustic charm and harks back to simpler times.

Our woodworker, Mike, has cut and shaped each component by hand and assembled it using traditional Wedged Mortise and Tenon joints meaning that this stool will stay stable for the rest of its life.
Mike has carefully chosen each piece of wood used in this handmade farm stool for it’s strength and it’s character – the beautiful Burr Oak top is gorgeously speckled with dozens of miniature knots from the tiny twigs that protrude from the tree.
The legs have been turned by hand from Elm which has a lovely rich caramel-coffee colour.
Available in-store or you can buy it online directly.

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