Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

The Handmade Craft House is made up of Mike & Gail Dixon and Gem & Tim Pattimore (their daughter and her husband). As we are not only a family business, but also a family with a keen love for making things you’ll find many of our own handmade items on sale in our online shop.

What’s your inspiration; how do you choose what to stock?

We love unique and unusual items – things that we haven’t seen before and things that celebrate life and creation. Everything we stock has to excite us and make us smile. We believe that handmade items really make a home and we want to share that enjoyment with you.

What things do you make?

Mike is our woodworker and photographer and makes furniture and cheeseboards, as well as framing and displaying his own prints.

Gail paints beautiful mixed-media pictures of countryside life and autumnal leaves.

Gem makes jewellery and homemade preserves using fresh, local produce.

Tim keeps our website ship-shape and designs our packaging.

We also have several ranges of cards taken from our own photographs, paintings and illustrations.

Is everything handmade?

Roughly 95% of what we stock is made by hand. The rest are specially selected items that complement our range.

What is your “Freshly Made” section all about?

One of the things we love about handcrafted products is that each one is unique – the pattern of the woodgrain, the hand-drawn design on a pot; the result of lots of little “happy accidents” that makes creating so much fun!

Unlike our other handmade items, our Freshly Made section is all about highlighting the unique and individual pieces in our range – pieces with remarkable wood grain, for example, or hand-drawn decorations. Each piece in the Freshly Made section is a one-off – once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Is your entire stock online?

We are still adding products to our online store, so keep checking back regularly to find what’s new! We post regular updates to our Facebook page and our Pinterest page, or you can sign up to our mailing list.

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