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Our Handmade Candle Blocks Will Enhance Your Interiors

Group of handmade candle blocks by the Handmade Craft House

We’ve been busy in the workshop again and created these delightfully chunky handmade candle blocks.

Handmade Candle blocks by the Handmade Craft House

Mike has selected the wood for each piece based on its shape, colour and appearance; making a feature of any unusual parts. This means that not only is each piece entirely unique, but also has a character of its own. Each piece will sit quite happily on its own or with others, and fit seamlessly with both modern and rustic interiors.

Handmade Elm Candle Block by the Handmade Craft House

In particular, we love this gorgeous chocolate-caramel coloured Elm block; a real stand-out piece! The flowing lines of the grain are incredibly beautiful and are complimented by the gentle curve of the wood. You can buy it, and it’s companions, here.



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