Mike’s love of nature is evident in the pictures that he takes; wether the subject is a majestic rolling landscape or a flower head up-close, every image captures the beauty and intricacy of creation. Having spent a large part of his life in the woods and fells of the Lake District and Scotland, Mike’s appreciation of all parts of nature has had the perfect space to flourish. His deep knowledge and understanding of the animals, plants and places that he captures in his photography means that each image is not just a snapshot of time, but also part of a story that is shared with the viewer; it’s not just a group of stags, but a row of friends preparing for the rutting season in the woods of North Cumbria.

Another essential aspect of his photography is the understanding of the difference that light can make to a scene. The presence of the right source and quality of light can bring to attention just the right details whilst others are hidden. This exhibition is a celebration of the light; how it’s presence can reveal details previously hidden and the warmth and life that follows.

Mike Dixon’s photography subjects include native British wildlife; stunning landscapes from the English Lake District and Scottish Borders; and beautiful close-up studies of various flowers and trees.

As well as being a keen photographer, Mike is also an expert craftsman and each piece has been finished off to perfection with a frame that was tailor made by himself. Each frame has been made by hand from native timber grown locally in the borderlands of Scotland and is therefore entirely unique. The frame selected for each piece is used to enhance the image it houses; to bring out colours and patterns and bring part of the essence of the outdoors in to your home.

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