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Red Squirrel - Handmade Craft House
Yes! There! Red Squirrels!

With a gloriously sunny start to November it’s off into the woods to see what Autumn has to offer- Squirrels galore and all red, what a joy to see.

Despite being chased across the woodland floor by my almost two year old grandson, nut in hand, calling out to the Squirrel “Eat it! Eat it!” We still managed to capture a few of them on camera.

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Homemade Guitar – Part 3 – Finishing Touches

The finished homemade guitar.

This is the final part of my series on making my own homemade guitar. You can read the first two parts here and here.

So, at the end of last week I had everything glued together and it looked suitably “guitar-shaped”. This time I had the challenge of making it actually playable and adding the finishing touches. This was by far the hardest part of the build and had me sweating with concentration on more than one occasion!

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Time for Summer and a Homemade Sandpit

Well, summer officially begins soon and we’re already beginning to see much more of our friend, the sun. Time for tidying the garden, planting flowers and planning new crops. The problem is, we’ve got two garden-loving little boys who love the idea of pulling up sticks, digging and burying things but don’t understand that some things (namely seed potatoes) are meant to stay buried.

So, Gem and I set ourselves the task of trying to curb this behaviour, at least until it’s time to dig up our potato crop at the end of summer. What better way to encourage their love of digging (and preserve the veg-plot) than by building them a homemade sandpit?

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