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Winter of Change

winter of change

This winter has been a time of stripping things back to the bones.

Just as we see in the landscape around us, the Winds of Winter strip the trees back to the structure or the framework that lies hidden beneath their leafy canopy. But out of this process comes a particular clarity of light that is only present during the winter months. Removal of the tree’s old leaves allows the light to reveal and highlight what had been hidden beneath all along.

We have been going through this process this winter. Stripping back, casting off and taking a close look at what is basically the bones of not only our work – our business – but that which we have within our hearts to do

One thing you will have noticed is that we have closed the doors on our high-street shop in Dumfries. We will not be trading in this way in the foreseeable future.

We are a creative family and most of what we do is carried out in our workshops at home.

Just as in the above picture (a family day out to Derwentwater) we stand silhouetted out against the light of the sun as it sets behind the fells around the lake. Things for us at this time – our way forward – are still in silhouette, but are becoming clearer with every step forward we take.

Winter has passed and is followed by spring – a time for new growth to burst forth and reveal itself. This winter has been hard but I am excited about all the new things we have planned for The Handmade Crafthouse this year. All of which will be revealed in the days ahead, through our website, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.